Import 1000/CL - 1000CL-I

Lamp 1000/CL
Description 1000W 130V PS52 E39
Brand Import
MPN 1000CL-I


The 1000/CL General 1000CL-I is an Incandescent PS52 130V 1000W Clear Lamp with an E39 base.
Specifications for the 1000CL-I Import 1000/CL Replacement Lamp
Shape PS52
Lamp Base E39 (Mogul Screw)
Filament CC-8
Bulb Finish Clear
Rated Life 1000 hours
Watts 1000 W
Volts 130 V
Maximum Overall Length - MOL 13.00in (330.20mm)
Diameter 6.50in (165.10mm)
Product Code 1000CL-I
Family Name General Service PS52
Description 1000/CL
SKU Qty 1
SKU / Case Qty 6
Case Qty (Price Listed is Per Bulb) 6
Sales Unit Each
Import 1000/CL 1000CL-I Replacement Bulb Applications & Features


  • 1000PS52 Clear Bulb
1000/CL Import Incandescent Lamp
  • DANGER! The 1000/CL Import replacement lamp operates at extremely high temperatures that can cause serious physical injuries and property damage.
  • Do not use the 1000/CL Import replacement lamp in close proximity of paper, cloth or other combustible materials that can cause a fire hazard.
  • Lamps are very fragile. Do not drop, crush, bend or shake them. Vibration or impact will cause filament breakage and short lamp life.
  • Do not touch the Import 1000/CL bulb surface or inside reflectors with your bare hands. Oils from skin can lead to breakage or shorten the life of the lamp. Use clean gloves or lint-free cloth for installation and removal.
  • Never touch the 1000/CL Import lamp when it is on, or soon after it has been turned off, as it is hot and may cause serious burns.
  • Do not look directly at the operating bulb for any period of time; this may cause serious eye injury.
  • Always turn off the electrical power before inserting, removing, or cleaning the replacement Import 1000/CL lamp.
  • Affix the 1000/CL Import replacement lamp securely in the socket. Improper installation of the Import 1000/CL replacement lamp will cause electrical arcing, overheating and short life to lamp and socket. Replace lamp holders and sockets when necessary.
  • Make sure lamps of specified wattage and voltage are only used in appropriately rated fixtures. Unspecified use will lead to short lamp life, breakage and overheating of fixture.
  • Import 1000/CL replacement lamps should not be operated beyond the total rated voltage. Avoid the use of dimmers that may drive your lamp over its rated voltage.
  • Operate the Import 1000/CL replacement lamp only in the indicated burn position. Failure to do so will lead to overheating and shortened lamp life.
  • Use an external fuse when required.
  • Do not allow one lamp to directly expose another. This may lead to overheating and shortened lamp life.