Philips PL-S 7W/827/2P/ALTO - 148718

PL-S 7W/827/2P/ALTO
Lamp PL-S 7W/827/2P/ALTO
Description 7W CRI 82 PL-S 2-Pin (G23) 2700K ALTO
Brand Philips
MPN 148718
UPC 046677148713


The PL-S 7W/827/2P/ALTO Philips 14871-8 is a 2-Pin Compact Fluorescent PL-S 7W Lamp with a G23 base.
Specifications for the 148718 Philips PL-S 7W/827/2P/ALTO Replacement Lamp
Shape PL-S
Lamp Base G23 (2-Pin)
Bulb Finish White
Rated Life 10000 hours
Initial Lumens 400
Color Temperature 2700 K
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 82
Watts 7 W
Maximum Overall Length - MOL 5.92in (150.30mm)
Product Code 148718
Family Name Philips PL-S (Short) Fluorescent Lamp
Description PL-S 7W/827/2P/ALTO
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UPC 046677148713
Philips PL-S 7W/827/2P/ALTO 148718 Replacement Bulb Applications & Features


  • Facilities
  • Retail Display
  • Hospitality
  • Office
  • Restaurant
  • Warehouse


  • Philips PLS 7W/827/2P/ALTO CFL Lamp
  • PLS 2-Pin Compact Fluorescent Lamp
PL-S 7W/827/2P/ALTO Philips Compact Fluorescent Lamp
  • The PL-S 7W/827/2P/ALTO Philips fluorescent lamps operate at high surface temperatures that can cause serious physical injuries.
  • Turn power off and allow adequate time (approximately 10 minutes) for the Philips PL-S 7W/827/2P/ALTO lamp to cool before attempting replacement.
  • In order to avoid the risk of electrical shock, make sure the power to the fixture is turned off when replacing the PL-S 7W/827/2P/ALTO Philips.
  • The Philips PL-S 7W/827/2P/ALTO lamps are very fragile. Do not drop, crush, bend or shake them.
  • The PL-S 7W/827/2P/ALTO Philips fluorescent tubes may shatter with considerable force when broken.
  • To ensure that the Philips PL-S 7W/827/2P/ALTO lamps remain in the sockets for the duration of the operation, make sure that the fixture’s sockets are not worn prior to installation of the lamps.
  • If the PL-S 7W/827/2P/ALTO Philips lamps are installed in worn sockets, the lamps could fall out of the fixture during operation.
  • Never operate Philips PL-S 7W/827/2P/ALTO lamp above or below its rated current voltage.
  • Electrical connections should be clean and in good condition. Replace the PL-S 7W/827/2P/ALTO Philips lamp holders and sockets when needed.
  • Affix the Philips PL-S 7W/827/2P/ALTO lamp securely in the socket. Improper installations will cause electrical arcing, overheating and short life to the lamp and socket.
  • Do not look directly at the operating lamp for any period of time; this may cause serious eye injury.
  • PL-S 7W/827/2P/ALTO Philips fluorescent lamp use is not recommended in extreme weather conditions.
  • Excessive cold/warm temperatures dramatically affects the Philips PL-S 7W/827/2P/ALTO starting, lamp life and lumen maintenance.