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Ushio SMH-600SC1 - 5001335

Lamp SMH-600SC1
Description 68V 600W Clear 5600K EmArc
Brand Ushio
MPN 5001335
UPC 048777431733


The SMH-600SC1 Ushio 5001335 is a Metal Halide 68V 600W Lamp
Specifications for the 5001335 Ushio SMH-600SC1 Replacement Lamp
Bulb Finish Clear
Rated Life 1000 hours
Operating Position Vertical Anode Up
Initial Lumens 45000
Color Temperature 5600 K
Watts 600 W
Volts 68 V
Maximum Overall Length - MOL 5.04in (128.00mm)
Product Code 5001335
Family Name Ushio EmArc
Description SMH-600SC1
SKU Qty 1
Case Qty (Price Listed is Per Bulb) 1
Sales Unit Each
UPC 048777431733
Ushio SMH-600SC1 5001335 Replacement Bulb Applications & Features


  • Stage
  • Film
  • Concert
  • Theatre


  • Ushio SMH-600SC1 EmArc Lamps for Followspots & Searchlights
  • 3mm Arc Gap
Ushio SMH-600SC1 5001335 Replacement Lamp


  • Sky Cannon SC4-600
  • Sky Cannon SC1-600
SMH-600SC1 Ushio Multi Vapor Lamp
  • The SMH-600SC1 Ushio lamp may shatter and cause injury if broken.
  • Dispose of the Ushio SMH-600SC1 lamp in a closed container.
  • Do not use excessive force when installing the SMH-600SC1 Ushio lamp.
  • Do not use the Ushio SMH-600SC1 lamp if outer glass is scratched or broken.
  • Wear safety glasses and gloves when handling the SMH-600SC1 Ushio lamp.
  • Unexpected Ushio SMH-600SC1 lamp rupture may cause injury, fire, or property damage.
  • Do not exceed rated voltage.
  • Do not store flammable materials near/below the SMH-600SC1 Ushio lamp.
  • Do not turn on the Ushio SMH-600SC1 lamp until fully installed.
  • Do not use beyond rated life.
  • Do not use the SMH-600SC1 Ushio lamp if outer glass is scratched or broken.
  • Do not use where directly exposed to water or outdoors without an enclosed fixture.
  • Operate the Ushio SMH-600SC1 lamp only in specified position.
  • Turn the SMH-600SC1 Ushio lamp off at least once for 15 minutes per week.
  • Use only properly rated ballast.
  • A damaged SMH-600SC1 Ushio lamp emits UV radiation which may cause eye/skin injury.
  • There is a risk of burn, fire, and electrical shock.
  • Turn power off if glass bulb is broken. Remove and dispose of lamp.
  • Allow the Ushio SMH-600SC1 lamp to cool before handling.
  • Do not turn on the SMH-600SC1 Ushio lamp until fully installed.
  • Do not use where directly exposed to water or outdoors without an enclosed fixture.
  • Turn power off before inspection, installation or removal.
  • Keep combustible materials away from the Ushio SMH-600SC1 lamp.
  • Use in fixture rated for this product.

WARNING: This lamp can cause serious skin burns and eye inflammation from shortwave ultraviolet radiation if the outer envelope of the lamp is broken or punctured. Do not use where people will remain for more than a few minutes unless adequate shielding or other safety precautions are used. Lamps that will automatically extinguish when the outer envelope is broken or punctured are commercially available.