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Osram FCS (64640 HLX) - 54263

Lamp FCS (64640 HLX)
Description 24V 150W 2-Pin (G6.35) Clear
Brand Osram
MPN 54263
UPC 405030000672


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The FCS Osram 54263 is a Halogen T4 24V 150W Lamp with a G6.35 base.
Specifications for the 54263 Osram FCS (64640 HLX) Replacement Lamp
Shape T4
Lamp Base G6.35 (Glass 2-Pin)
Bulb Finish Clear
Rated Life 50 hours
Light Center Length - LCL 1.26in (32.00mm)
Operating Position s90 (Vertical, Base Down)
Initial Lumens 6000
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 100
Watts 150 W
Volts 24 V
Maximum Overall Length - MOL 1.97in (50.00mm)
Diameter 0.45in (11.50mm)
Product Code 54263
Family Name Osram Xenophot (HLX)
Description FCS (64640 HLX)
Ordering Code 64640 HLX
LIF A1/216
SKU Qty 1
Case Qty (Price Listed is Per Bulb) 40
Sales Unit Each
UPC 405030000672
Osram FCS (64640 HLX) 54263 Replacement Bulb Applications & Features


  • Dental
  • Fiber Optic
  • Medical
  • Microscope
  • Projection
  • Surgical


  • Osram FCS (HLX 64640) Halogen Bulb
  • Single Ended Lamp
  • FCS 64640HLX
  • Low Voltage Bulb
  • Replacement for ZB-FCS
  • Replacement Lamp for Dental - Examination & Operating
  • Replacement Lamp for Fiber Optic - Illuminator
  • Replacement Lamp for Medical - X-Ray Collimator
  • Replacement Lamp for Microscope - Illuminator
  • Replacement Lamp for Surgical - Operating Room
Osram FCS (64640 HLX) 54263 Replacement Lamp


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FCS (64640 HLX) Osram Halogen Lamp

  • DANGER! The Osram FCS (64640 HLX) 64640 HLX replacement lamp operates at extremely high temperatures that can cause serious physical injuries and property damage.
  • Only use the Osram FCS (64640 HLX) replacement lamp in Halogen-approved fixtures. Fixtures should fully contain any parts of the Halogen lamp upon the event of a lamp burst.
  • Do not use the 64640 HLX FCS (64640 HLX) Osram replacement lamp in close proximity of paper, cloth or other combustible materials that can cause a fire hazard.
  • Lamps are very fragile. Do not drop, crush, bend or shake them. Vibration or impact will cause filament breakage and short lamp life.
  • Do not touch the Osram FCS (64640 HLX) bulb surface or inside reflectors with your bare hands. Oils from skin can lead to breakage or shorten the life of the lamp. Use clean gloves or lint-free cloth for installation and removal.
  • Clean any dirt, oil, or lint away from the bulb with alcohol and a lint-free cloth or tissue. Any foreign particles or materials on the FCS (64640 HLX) Osram replacement bulb surface can cause hot spots on the bulb and result in lamp failure.
  • Never touch the Osram FCS (64640 HLX) lamp when it is on, or soon after it has been turned off, as it is hot and may cause serious burns.
  • Do not look directly at the operating bulb for any period of time; this may cause serious eye injury.
  • Always turn off the electrical power before inserting, removing, or cleaning the replacement Osram FCS (64640 HLX) lamp.
  • Affix the FCS (64640 HLX) Osram replacement lamp securely in the socket. Improper installation of the Osram FCS (64640 HLX) replacement lamp will cause electrical arcing, overheating and short life to lamp and socket. Replace lamp holders and sockets when necessary.
  • Keep the temperature of the Osram FCS (64640 HLX) lamp seal below 350C.
  • Keep the temperature of the FCS (64640 HLX) Osram replacement lamp wall above 250C.
  • Keep the temperature of the Osram FCS (64640 HLX) 64640 HLX lamp wall below 800C.
  • Make sure lamps of specified wattage and voltage are only used in appropriately rated fixtures. Unspecified use will lead to short lamp life, breakage and overheating of fixture.
  • Osram FCS (64640 HLX) replacement lamps should not be operated beyond the total rated voltage. Avoid the use of dimmers that may drive your lamp over its rated voltage.
  • Operate the Osram FCS (64640 HLX) 64640 HLX replacement lamp only in the indicated burn position. Failure to do so will lead to overheating and shortened lamp life.
  • Use an external fuse when required.
  • Do not allow one lamp to directly expose another. This may lead to overheating and shortened lamp life.